Time to Order Those Snow Chains! As much as we hate to admit it- winter is almost here! It’s time to order those tire chains while inventory is at it’s best- once the snow flies, stock dwindles and you may not have as many styles to choose ...Continue Reading

Snow & Ice Chains for Tractors Tractor chains are in high demand this year! Winter started long before it’s official arrival and some parts of the US really got hit with big, early storms.We at Ken Jones have been ready long before the first ...Continue Reading

Tire Chains 101   Tire Chain Season is here- whether we like it or not… Old Man Winter has already begun to rear it’s ugly head- and we at Ken Jones are ready! Snow chains are the BEST solution to keep your equipment moving in any type of ...Continue Reading

Tire Chains and Ice Studs are a MUST this Winter! Winter has hit the U.S. with a vengeance this year! Extremely cold temperatures, snow and ice have blanketed most parts of the country. Keeping your vehicles and equipment rolling during harsh weather ...Continue Reading

We tend to get a lot of tire chain calls from people who are either scared or frustrated.  Their machine is either stuck or they have just experienced an uncontrollable side spin down the hill.  Four wheel drive is sometimes not enough when you’re  ...Continue Reading

Today I received a call from a somewhat embarrassed man who was on my website www.kenjones.com searching for tire chains.  He had done a little investigating on the site and kept seeing the terminology 2 link and 4 link chain.  He had some questions about ...Continue Reading

WOW…you just experienced the worst snow and ice storm you can remember. It’s finally over and it’s time to clean up the mess and plow out your property. Good thing you purchased a powerful, new 4wd compact tractor with a bucket. Your ...Continue Reading

Kind of a weird blog post title, eh? Well, not really. We heard that line about a thousand times last winter. Problem was, many tractor tire chains were SOLD OUT. Mother Nature once again hammered the east coast, mid west and other parts of the US with ...Continue Reading

This year we’ve added a full line of studded tractor chains. After last season’s ice storms, everyone wanted “ice chains” for their tractors. There are over 30 sizes, including skid steer tire chains, loader and grader tire chains ...Continue Reading

We get a lot of calls from customers looking for tire chains that provide traction in extreme conditions. The combination of ice and hard pack snow with hilly terrain can put any experienced equipment operator on edge. Imagine using your backhoe to dig a ...Continue Reading