Ken Jones Proudly Announces our New Website When Ken Jones Tires first started selling our specialty tires, tire chains and tire tubes online back in 2009, we had one goal in mind- make it easy for people to find and buy hard to find tires.  Our dealers ...Continue Reading

Tire Tube Size Tire tubes are manufactured in many different sizes- but not all tire sizes. One tube size may fit up to 4-6 different sizes. At Ken Jones we have tried to make it easy as possible to find the correct tube for your size tire. We list them ...Continue Reading

Tire Tubes – Which Tubes Can Be Fluid Filled? We sell a lot of tubes for all different tire sizes and applications.  So we get this question quite a bit. Most customers associate filling tires with a liquid – usually calcium chloride, water, ...Continue Reading

Was it time for a refresh?…a little makeover? Absolutely! We are rolling out a list of exciting new happenings in 2011 – 2012 at Ken Jones Tires. After a complete overhaul of our business software, it was time to make some powerful updates on ...Continue Reading

Everyday we talk with customers who say they will mount their own tires or install their own tubes.  Sometimes they come in with tire that we consider junk because of sidewall cracking, and they want us to install a tube.  No thanks, we tell them.  We ...Continue Reading

Starting in May, Ken Jones Tires will be adding audio to our website, These audio clips will be spread out in all categories across the site including farm tires, mower tires, tire chains and tire tubes. These short 1 – 2 minute ...Continue Reading

If you’re like me, that last cut of the season was probably done in late November and the cold swirling winds made it a pretty miserable experience. Just get it done and get the lawn tractor back in the garage, out of the way, not to be used again ...Continue Reading

We are now a society looking for instant gratification. We want it, and when we want it …is now! And the internet has pushed this to the extreme. Anything and everything seems to be one click away. It’s a tool that can be very helpful. ...Continue Reading

Talking about tire tubes may seem like an irrelevant waste of time for many people, but in the specialty tire world it is a very important subject. And once again, the true experts in the tire business know what their talking ...Continue Reading