We tend to get a lot of tire chain calls from people who are either scared or frustrated.  Their machine is either stuck or they have just experienced an uncontrollable side spin down the hill.  Four wheel drive is sometimes not enough when you’re  ...Continue Reading

WOW…you just experienced the worst snow and ice storm you can remember. It’s finally over and it’s time to clean up the mess and plow out your property. Good thing you purchased a powerful, new 4wd compact tractor with a bucket. Your ...Continue Reading

This Summer Ken Jones Tires launched its own You Tube channel called tirechainexpert. It is a one-stop shop for all our videos. Currently there are about 25 videos to view. Most of the videos will be about buying advice, helpful tips, new products and ...Continue Reading

Winters can be crazy when your in the tire chain business. Chains may be the last thing on your mind until the day your machine is stuck. Now, that experience one day a year seems to be the most important reason to have a set of tire chains in your ...Continue Reading

A customer called today and said he wanted to buy a set of tire chains for his snow blower. I said no problem and asked for the tire size. He said 13×5. I said that’s only 2/3ds of the tire size but it was obviously a 13x500x6, based on my ...Continue Reading

As mentioned I in a recent post, you must always check for tire / fender clearance before you start shopping for tire chains. It is easy to say, “Of course there is clearance, it’s a tractor. Who in the world would manufacture a tractor that has ...Continue Reading

Double Ring Tractor Tire Chains are one the of most popular tractor tire chain styles on the market. They are recommended for field work, deep tread, off road use, and hilly conditions, making them the perfect choice for farm tractors. What makes Double ...Continue Reading