A GREAT solution offered from one of our customers!   Our customer Eric uses spacers to push rim away from equipment to allow room for tire chains on his skid steer. At Ken Jones, we love to hear from our customers! Eric of Centertown, MO sent ...Continue Reading

Skid Steer Loader Chains 101 Skid steer loader tire chains are next in the line up in our series on snow chains. Much of the country is already covered in snow (us included here in Massachusetts). Whether you are using your skid steer for snow removal, ...Continue Reading

Tire Chains and Ice Studs are a MUST this Winter! Winter has hit the U.S. with a vengeance this year! Extremely cold temperatures, snow and ice have blanketed most parts of the country. Keeping your vehicles and equipment rolling during harsh weather ...Continue Reading

This season we’re introducing a new line of tire chain called the “Predator“, made specifically for skid steers, in the following tire sizes: – 10×16.5 – 12×16.5 – 14×17.5 What makes these chains unique ...Continue Reading

If you don’t know by now, skid steer loaders and snow don’t mix. It’s a great idea. Skid steers are probably the most versatile pieces of equipment ever invented. You can do everything with them. But you add hard pack snow and ice, and ...Continue Reading