Time to Check Those Mower Tires! Spring is quickly approaching- and seems to be coming a little bit early here in the Northeast…time to check all of your equipment and make sure you are ready to go this season! Checking your tires is an ...Continue Reading

[caption id="attachment_2721" align="alignleft" width="293"] Photo Courtesy of OTR Wheel[/caption] OTR Wheel and Engineering announced a partnership with Scag Power Equipment as the supplier for OEM or original equipment tires on 8 models of Scag Mowers. ...Continue Reading

Golf courses and other high volume users qualify for wholesale pricing form Ken Jones Tires. We have the best selection of turf tires, golf cart tires, tire tubes and flat proof products- even in hard to find sizes, in stock, ready to ship anywhere in the ...Continue Reading

Before you can buy a lawn mower tire, you will need to know the tire size and the ply rating of the lawn mower tire. You can find your lawn mower tires ply rating on the sidewall of the tire. Ply rating and load capacity are very important when purchasing ...Continue Reading

How to Read the Tire Size on Your Lawn Mower Tire You’re looking at your riding lawn mower in your garage and it looks a little bit off-kilter. Then you notice your plans for mowing will have to be delayed. Your rear tire is flat and it looks to like ...Continue Reading

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Starting in May, Ken Jones Tires will be adding audio to our website, www.kenjones.com. These audio clips will be spread out in all categories across the site including farm tires, mower tires, tire chains and tire tubes. These short 1 – 2 minute ...Continue Reading

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Questions about lawn mower tires have to be one of the most popular calls we get daily from homeowners and landscapers alike. There are too many sizes, lots of turf tread designs and when you add 2, 4 or 6 ply rated tires, no wonder people need an expert ...Continue Reading