BKT Tire India Trip We’re excited to travel to  New Delhi,  India this week and explore with our gracious host BKT Tire!  We will visit the Center of Excellence at  BKT Bhiwadi Plant the first two days and then travel to Jaipur for site seeing ...Continue Reading

Tractor Tire Experts Expand Ken Jones Tires Celebrates It’s 75th Year in  Business “From Retreading During Wartime to Selling Globally Online…” Worcester MA (JUNE 20, 2013) Summary: Worcester, MA (June 20, 2013): Ken Jones Tires, distributor ...Continue Reading

Anybody who has kids has heard of the book “Where’s Waldo? Well, we sell specialty tires all over the world and it’s always cool to find out where our tires are, mounted on what type of machines and for what unique purpose. We like to ...Continue Reading

New addition for 2013!  Antique Tractor Tires Added To www.kenjones.com! Tractor restoration enthusiasts have always contacted Ken Jones Tires over the years, looking for American made original fitment tires for their restoration project.  We’ve ...Continue Reading

Today I received a call from a somewhat embarrassed man who was on my website www.kenjones.com searching for tire chains.  He had done a little investigating on the site and kept seeing the terminology 2 link and 4 link chain.  He had some questions about ...Continue Reading

September is the season to start thinking about purchasing your tire chains. Inventory is arriving daily so everything is available  and you have choices.  But before you make a decision, we recommend you get a copy of our free report, “5 Critical ...Continue Reading

Today,  September 13, 2012, Ken Jones Tires reached the 1,000 mark for happy Ebay buyers who were kind enough to leave feedback on their experience with Ken Jones Tires.   And with the highest possible feedback score of 100%, it looks like we are doing ...Continue Reading

I was checking about some farm forums recently and I saw this post: “I am growing tired of replacing inner tubes on small tires like are used on wheel barrows, hand trucks, pressure washers etc. A lot of these tires are 8″ and are always flat ...Continue Reading

When choosing the right lawn mower tire, it is important to consider the brand of the lawn mower tire. High quality brand lawn mower tires such as Carlisle tend to be bigger sized and weigh more. Cheap lawn mower tires tend to be undersized. If you stand a ...Continue Reading

Before you can buy a lawn mower tire, you will need to know the tire size and the ply rating of the lawn mower tire. You can find your lawn mower tires ply rating on the sidewall of the tire. Ply rating and load capacity are very important when purchasing ...Continue Reading