Ice Studs for Excellent Traction When Tire Chains are not an Option Ice Studs are the best alternative for improving traction on snow and ice when tire chains can not be used. Also known as tire screw studs, they can be used on equipment that ...Continue Reading

Tire Chains and Ice Studs are a MUST this Winter! Winter has hit the U.S. with a vengeance this year! Extremely cold temperatures, snow and ice have blanketed most parts of the country. Keeping your vehicles and equipment rolling during harsh weather ...Continue Reading

Winters can be crazy when your in the tire chain business. Chains may be the last thing on your mind until the day your machine is stuck. Now, that experience one day a year seems to be the most important reason to have a set of tire chains in your ...Continue Reading

If you don’t know by now, skid steer loaders and snow don’t mix. It’s a great idea. Skid steers are probably the most versatile pieces of equipment ever invented. You can do everything with them. But you add hard pack snow and ice, and ...Continue Reading

Just a quick post here. We’re getting a lot of calls from skid steer operators this winter. They have a big problem. Their skid steers with rubber tracks are great in mud, dirt, deep snow and other extreme conditions. BUT on ice-glazed asphalt or ...Continue Reading

We get a lot of calls from customers looking for tire chains that provide traction in extreme conditions. The combination of ice and hard pack snow with hilly terrain can put any experienced equipment operator on edge. Imagine using your backhoe to dig a ...Continue Reading

Once in a while a product comes along that, simply put, “fills a need”. That’s what MAXIGRIP studs do. There are lots of off -road and work vehicles used in harsh winter conditions that have a tough time moving through the ice and hard ...Continue Reading