Reducing Power Hop on Farm Tractors


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What is Power Hop on Farm Tractors

Power Hop is defined as the bouncing that can occur on both 4WD(Four Wheel Drive) and MFWD (Mechanical Front Wheel drive) tractors operating under draft loads. It can begin as a small vibration or bouncing motion but can escalate to the point of operator discomfort and even damage to the equipment. This problem is caused by the tire gaining traction as the sidewall of the tire flexes and recoils. It can result in uncontrollable bouncing of the tractors- which is not good for either the operator or the tractor itself. Power hop is sometimes confused with road lope- road lope usually develops at high speeds in road gear or when the tractor is not pulling any significant weight.

Tire Factors that can Lead to Power Hop

Radial or bias-plyconstruction of the tires, inflation pressure, load ratings, number of tires and tire sizes all play a role in optimizing your tractor’s performance. An improper combination of any of these factors can lead not only to tractor hop, but also increased soil compaction, rolling resistance and premature tire wear or even failure.

Common Causes of Power Hop

  • Under inflated tires
  • Buckling of the tire sidewall
  • Insufficient weight on the front axle of tractor

Reducing Power Hop on Farm Tractors

  • Properly inflate tires
  • Adjust ballast for proper weighting
  • Tire Solutions such as LSW Technology from Titan and LSW combined with IF Technology


Read more about LSW Technology from Titan/Goodyear

Download Power Hop Brochure from Titan

Watch this Video from Titan on their Solution to Power Hop

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