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Watch this Huge Tire Explode While Being Inflated!

This is why you need to be very careful airing up your tires and why you shouldn’t air up a tire with cracks in the sidewall. Even a small wheelbarrow tire can take your finger off at minimum!

Inflating Tires with Cracked Sidewalls Can be Dangerous

Many people will call us asking for help when a tire will not inflate properly or hold air…they may question whether or not a tire tube can help.

Whether or not a tube can be used to extend the life of a tire depends on many different factors and the type of tire. For instance with trailer tires, a tube can be used for rim leaks but should never be used for any type of puncture, sidewall tear or crack, or even punctures in the tread. Lawn Mower Tires, which experience many small sidewall cracks due to UV exposure, can sometimes be repaired with a tube if the crack is small and the tread is still in good condition.

Safety First!

Before trying to add air to a damaged tire, visit the Rubber Manufacturers Website for their guidelines on Tire Repair. Always use caution while inflating any type of tire- even the smallest tire can cause serious injury, and the larger the tire, the more dangerous the inflation process can be. Always follow the manufacturers inflation guides and instructions. Many larger types of tractor and OTR tires should only be handled by a tire dealer or experienced operator.

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