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Zero Turn Mower Tires

Zero Turn Mowers or ZTR, are one of the most widely used mowers by golf courses, landscapers and other maintenance professionals

ZTR or Zero Turn Mower Tires- Tips from the Experts

Zero turn mowers are one of the most widely used pieces of equipment in the landscaping, golf course maintenance and grounds maintenance industries. With their exceptional steering capabilities, the flexibility of these machines helps get the job done more efficiently. Keeping your equipment running day after day, means choosing the right tires for your machine. With many different tire brands and tread designs available, finding the right choice for your application and budget may require consulting with an expert. Sometimes it just comes down to, “were you happy with the original equipment tires(OEM) that came on your machine?” If they did the job and performed up to your expectations, sometimes you stick with what you know. But many times, there are less expensive, high quality import options that may save you money and still perform as well as the OEM tires. You also have the choice of flat free tires for zero turn mowers. For municipalities and landscapers with heavy use and no time for expensive down time due to flats, this may be a great option.

Carlisle Smooth Mower Tires

Front Tires for Zero Turn Mowers

Generally your two options for the front tires will be either smooth or rib tread design. Smooth tires offer less damage to the turf,and are found on most of these machines. Other manufacturers, such as Dixie Chopper recommend the rib tread. All are are made to “swivel” so they can turn 360 degrees on a dime.

Carlisle Turf Master Tires

Rear Zero Turn Mower Tires

Rear tires on zero turn mowers are commercial grade turf tires. Most machines come with Carlisle Multi Trac CS or Turf Master as OEM. These are proven performers and considered high quality products throughout the industry. BKT and Deestone also offer high quality import options at a more economical price.

Flat Free Options

Both the front and rear tires offer “flat free” options. Front and the rear tires can be made flat proof through the use of foam fill. Flat free, off the shelf and ready to go tire and wheel assemblies are available for some types of ZTR equipment, such as Toro, Exmark, Scag and Dixie Chopper. While they may be available at your local equipment dealer, you will find we offer the best deal in the marketplace!
Cost conscience users will often start with just flat proofing the front tires because they are more susceptible to punctures and tears. Municipalities with higher demands and a more hazardous work environment will more likely choose flat proofing both front and rears to avoid downtime.

General Information for Riding Lawn Mowers

Best Selection of Zero Turn Mower Tires

Ken Jones offers the best selection of tire brands, tread designs and sizes for your zero turn mowers and any other type of landscaping or construction equipment. Our experts have an average of over 30 years in the industry and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our huge inventory of specialty tires are in stock, ready to ship! We ship across the US.

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