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Ken Jones is your “One Stop Shop” for Tires, Tubes & Chains for all your Golf Course Equipment

Since 1938 Ken Jones has been the ‘go to’ choice for mower tires, turf tires, tractor tires and more! Our phones are answered by real people- in fact, our phone are only answered by experts with many years of experience in the specialty tire industry. Golf course superintendents love our 24/7 wholesale pricing available online, and they know we will either have their hard to find tire sizes, or will go the extra mile to find what they need. We stock the best brands and tread designs for all your turf needs. Our specialty is hard to find tire sizes. We also carry a great selection of the best flat free tires and flat proofing materials available.

Golf Course Equipment Tires in Stock- Immediate Shipping

A REAL person will answer the phone…no recording…ready to answer questions about tire applications, tread designs, etc… No one has a better selection of tires for golf course equipment!


Huge Inventory of Tires for Golf Course Equipment:

Mower Tires
Tractor Tires
Fairway Mower Tires
Rough Mower Tires
Greens Mower Tires
• Bunker rakes
• Gang mowers
• Walking greens and tee mowers
• Riding greens and tee mowers
• Rotary mowers
Tire Tubes
Golf Cart Tires and Wheels
• Sprayers
• Top dressers and spreaders
• Utility vehicles
• Zero turn mowers
• Rotary mowers
Blowers and vacuums
Flat Proof Mower Tires
Flat Proofing Products
Tire Chains

Ken Jones and Golf Courses for Over 75 Years

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The_Golf_Course_Superintendents_Association_Of_New_EnglandKen Jones is  proud member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of New England.

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