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Questions about lawn mower tires have to be one of the most popular calls we get daily from homeowners and landscapers alike. There are too many sizes, lots of turf tread designs and when you add 2, 4 or 6 ply rated tires, no wonder people need an expert to call!

But there is a reason for the madness…

Mowing equipment manufacturers want a certain tread or size for the machine. it might mean better handling, better ride for the operator or even a better “striping” look for the lawn.

Walker Manufacturing is an example of a company that makes a superior mower and they use unique size tires to help accomplish their goal of offering the perfect mower to their customer.

When it comes to buying replacement tires for these machines, big box stores will not know what you’re talking about. Call the specialty experts….Ken Jones Tires at 1-800-225-9513.

One other tip. In the video it mentions the newer machines come with flat proof mower deck tires. We stock 8x300x4 size as well. Also keep in mind that the single and dual smooth tires (grass catcher) can be custom flat-proofed. When those go flat you’re all done for the day.

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Update to this story: May 24, 2017
Ken Jones is pleased to announce new sizes available for lawn mower tire & wheel assemblies for Walker and other top manufacturers.
Walker 8x300x4
and the
8x300x4 Flat Free Mower & Wheel Assembly

See the full selection of Flat Free Mower Tire & Wheel Assemblies for Zero Turn Mowers, Walk Behind Mowers, and other Mower/Accessory wheel assembly options.


2 Responses to “Walker Mower Tires”
  1. Dean Jolley says:

    I need the dual smooth grass catcher flat frees for my Walker T23. The tire size is 13×5.00-6. Do the tires go on my existing rims?


  2. Brian Jones says:

    These are not made in a flat free tire and wheel assembly to fit your machine. You would have to have your tires foam filled with Ecoflex via an authorized dealer. DO NOT allow anyone to fill your tires with a hard durometer foam fill or you will regret it. Also the circumference must be the same for each tire when pressurizing the foam filled tire.

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