Tractor Tire Spotlight: Lug Traction Line Up


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Lug Traction Tires for garden Tractor, Trenchers & Tillers

Lug Traction Tires for Garden Tractors, Trenchers & Tillers

Lug traction tires are used in applications where extra stability and superior traction are needed. You often see these tires for garden tractors that operate in muddy or hilly environments. But they are also found on farm implements, orchard harvesting equipment, trenchers and tillers.

Generally speaking most of these products have a large contact area and very deep lugs.


CARLTRUPOWERddlogo Carlisle Tru Power Lug is considered the ultimate deep-traction tire designed to meet all your high traction demands. It provides traction in a variety of environments including mud, swamps, sand, construction sites, marshland, gravel and rugged terrain.
Common applications for the Carlisle Tru Power Lug include ditching equipment, garden tractors, aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, portable forklifts, tractor pulling and Moffett truck mounted forklifts
CARLPOWERTRACddlogo Carlisle Power Trac features an agricultural lug tread design. The best for extra traction!
CARLAT101ddlogo Carlisle AT101 Chevron Tires feature a special lug with bar design for ZTR (zero turn radius mowers).
CARLSUPERLUGddlogo Carlisle Super Lug also features an agricultural lug tread design for extra traction. These tires are also used on snow throwers.
BKT TR 315 Trencher Tires BKT TR 315 Trencher Tires are designed for muddy soil usage.
Applications include implement machinery, trenchers and orchard harvesters.
Titan Flo Trac Lug Tires for Garden Tractors Titan Flo-Trac HF-3 Lug Tires are designed for maximum flotation and durability. They feature a deep lug tread design with open curved lugs that allow for excellent self cleaning and side hill slip resistance. They offer improved handling and roadability and are able to operate at lower inflation pressures.
OTRTRACMASTERR1ddlogo OTR Tracmaster R-1 Tires are OEM or replacement tires for Kubota garden tractors.
 Kenda Grasshopper Chevron Lug Tires Kenda K472 Chevron Grasshopper features a chevron bar style tread design. Commonly used as a rear drive tire on Zero Turn Mowers (ZTR) or garden tractors, and is also used on UTV- utility vehicles. Kenda is a quality import brand


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