Tire Chains Custom Made for the Carlisle XTrac Tire


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A customer called today and said he wanted to buy a set of tire chains for his snow blower. I said no problem and asked for the tire size. He said 13×5. I said that’s only 2/3ds of the tire size but it was obviously a 13x500x6, based on my experience. So now he wanted a price and availability. I said we needed to find out the tire tread design first – whether it was a simple turf tread(old snow blowers), a Sno Hog knobby tread or an XTrac lug style tread, the latter two are on newer snow blowers. The customer said, “Man, I’m glad I called you first. Imagine if I just purchased a set from a big box store”. I agreed. There happens to be three chains made for that one tire size, and it all depends on the tread design of the customers’ tire.

These are the problems you will run into when buying tire chains for your snow blowers. It makes sense to call an experienced tire or tire chain expert. We know to ask the right questions.

That extra phone call would have saved you time running around town, only to purchase the wrong set of tire chains. You then run out to your garage ready to put the wrong size chains on the tires. Your hands are freezing, the chains are too short, and the snow is flying and it’s now 6pm and the store is closed…so much for snow blowing your driveway! A very frustrating afternoon, and all too common.

a photo of the Carlisle Snow Hog Snowblower Tires


Photo of the Carlisle Xtrac Snowblower tire


Take a look at these three tires…all the same size 13x500x6, made by the same manufacturer. lgcarlturfsaver But put them side by side (not as bad as these three pictures 🙂 )and you will not only get three different heights, but three different widths also. Why? Well, many times the tire manufactures are asked by the equipment manufactures to build tires to meet certain specifications. Or the tire treads are simply deeper, with more rubber lugs for traction, thus creating a taller tire. The Carlisle Turf Saver, for example, is the shortest tire because it comes with a less aggressive, shallow tread. Unfortunately, that is the nature of the specialty tire business.

In this particular case, we have to custom make a chain to fit the largest tire, the XTrac (picture – right). We can also make custom chains for any size tire…call us.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for an off-road tire, whether it be a lawn tire, tractor tire, mower tire, etc. it’s always best to talk to an experienced professional. They can save you time, money and headache.

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2 Responses to “Tire Chains Custom Made for the Carlisle XTrac Tire”
  1. Dave Stuessi says:

    I have a John Deere 185 with Turf Saver tires. I have a hill in my yard that is just steep enough that I slide a few feet on the way down. I’m wondering if I should get x-trac tires or if I could just use chains when I need to go down to that part of my yard? Does anyone use chains on grass, or is that strictly for snow applications?


  2. Brian Jones says:

    Hi Dave –
    Turf Saver tires are the least aggressive tread. Most commercial landscapers use Carlisle Turf Master tires which have a more Knobby style and deeper tread.
    I don’t think chains are the solution…probably too much of a hassle to change back and forth. If the may Snow Hog tires in your size that is also a better option than chains.

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