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Ken Jones Tire Chain Catalog Cover 2017

Tire Chain Catalog Ready for Download and our Experts are Ready to Help!

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Snow Blower with Tire Chains

Forecast is for a Tough Winter

Forecasters are predicting a snowy, icy and cold winter this year. We have been busy getting ready for the coming winter season to have the best selection of high quality snow & ice chains available.

Ken Jones is an authorized
 distributor for ICC, 
Roller Grip,
Roadboss, Double 
Ring, Tru Grip, Babac, 
Predator as well as 
other types of tire
 chains. We sell tire
 chains to customers 
all over the country
 and have a vast
 dealer network as 
well as partner 
warehouse shipping points strategically located across the United States. We know your equipment, we know your tires, and that makes us the perfect source for expert advice when buying snow chains for your equipment.

I guess you could call us the “Gurus” in specialty tires and tire chains. That’s what we do ten hours a day every day. We’ve heard every question, every unusual application, every day, you name it. And we will take the extra step and search the US for your hard to find tire chains. Our customer service experts average 28 years experience in these markets. We sell to thousands of tire dealers, equipment companies, golf courses as well as the general public.

Unlike websites that don’t want you to call, we encourage you to call us! Our toll free number is posted in large print on all search and shopping cart pages. Specialty tires and tire chains can be confusing and a quick phone call can point you in the right direction.
Don’t forget to call us if needed at 1-800-225-9513. We will be happy to assist you.

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