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Modern Tire Dealer Magazine

Steve Jones, of Ken Jones Tires was recently featured in an article on skid steer tires by Modern Tire Dealer Magazine.

As skid steer tread designs have become built for specific applications, the demands for a variety of options for buyers becomes more and more important. Tire Manufacturers are designing skid steer tread patterns targeted to increase productivity in specific work environments. As the demand for skid steer use increases, so does the demand for tires for these hard working machines.
More tread design choices increases the demand for wholesalers to stock more tread pattern options to meet the specific applications for their customers. “You have to stock more,” states Jones.

“The skid steer has been around for a long time. Now there are more uses for that type of equipment. So there needs to be tires that suit those purposes.”
“The skid steer business as a percentage of our business has grown by a few percent just because of all the applications that these machines have uses for. If you have it, you’ll sell it. It’s tough for some smaller dealers to keep that stuff in stock because it ties up a lot of money. If we have it in stock, it helps our wholesale business quite a bit.”
As a wholesale, retail, and e-commerce seller, Ken Jones Tires stocks the full lines of Titan, Carlisle, Galaxy, Deestone, Armour and BKT skid steer tire brands.
“Just like anything else in the tire business, people want options so you have to have those options. So we try to stock all the different tread designs.”
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Click on the link below to watch a video about the many different skid steer tire tread design options:

Video: How to Choose the Right Skid Steer Tire

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