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Solid Shock- What is it and How can it Affect Machine Operators?

Solid shock is the term used to describe the impact from G-Force vibration that is emitted to heavy industrial vehicle operators and their equipment from solid aperture tires. Solid shock can case damage to the equipment and discomfort and even harmful health affects to the machine operator.

What are Solid Aperture Tires?

Solid aperture tires are constructed of rubber all the way through. There is no air used to fill the tires and therefor no chance of the tire going flat. (Tires that use air as fill are referred to as pneumatic tires).Because there is no flexibility and because of the additional weight of these tires, it creates additional discomfort to the operator from the added vibration and can add significant strain on your equipment.

Solid Aperture Versus Foam Filled Tires

While some industries may have such harsh environments they may require solid tires, a great alternative for flatproofing tires without some of the negative impacts is to custom foam fill your tires. Custom flat proofing involves pumping a flat proofing polymer into the tire through it’s valve stem. It replaces all of the air and cures into a resilient, synthetic rubber core in 24 hours! It completely eliminates flats! 100%. While it does add some weight to the tire, it is less than solid tires and the foam fill does have flexibility which reduces the discomfort to the operator and damage to the machine.

Custom Foam Fill Flatproofing in New England

Ken Jones Tires offers custom flat proofing with 100% virgin fill (no fillers like some of our competitors) called EcoFlex SoftFill. It’s the softest fill on the market, works great on small to large tires and rides like air. All flat-proofing is done in our Worcester, MA facility. Call us for more information at 1-800-225-9513. Also offer a full line of flat proofing products and flat free tires– including flat free mower deck tires for most top mowers.


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