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Replacing Tires for your Snow Blower

Well winter has finally arrived here in the Northeast! While many parts of the country have already had plenty of snow fall, here in New England we just saw our first few inches in the last few weeks. After record the record breaking snowfall from last winter, our snow blowers and snow throwers really took a beating! A flat tire in the middle of a snowstorm could really be a nuisance, so don’t forget to check those tires when you are getting your machine ready to go. Look for signs of air loss or cracks. Also, check the valve stem for signs of damage. If your tires look deflated, try adding some air and checking again. Sometimes a tire tube can be used to repair a minor leak, but it is best to speak with an expert to make sure that is an option for your situation.

If your Snow Blower Tires Need to be Replaced

Should your tires require replacement, it is best to speak with a specialty tire expert before you buy. Many times with snow blowers, the OEM, or original equipment tire is NOT always the best replacement option. A good example of this, is for Honda Snow Blower Tires. The OEM 14x400x6 is not generally available without purchasing the entire wheel at a much higher cost. Ken Jones offers a great lower cost option of using a Carlisle Super Lug– a great product at a much lower cost.

For general snow blower tire replacement, Ken Jones carries The Carlisle Snow Hog and X-Trac.

Carlisle Snow Hog Snow Blower Tires
Carlisle Snow Hog tires provide a deep knobby tread that is designed for snow blowers and other equipment requiring extra traction. OEM tire choice for many leading snowblower manufacturers. The “x-knob” tread helps your machine plow thru snow, loose soil and sand.


Carlisle X-Trac Snow Blower TiresCarlisle X-Trac tires provide the most traction and bite than any other snowblower tire in the industry.X-Trac tires are considered “the next generation” of snow thrower tires.
The original equipment tire choice on premiere snowblowers such as Ariens, Toro and John Deere. Manufactured with a durable rubber compound which provides stability as well as protection against punctures and abrasions.

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