Proper Sized Tractor & Implement Tires Essential for Farming


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Proper sized tractor and implement tires are essential for farm & agricultural applications. That seems like a given, right? Well, when it comes to agricultural applications, size really can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Proper Sized Tractor & Implement Tires Key to Success in the Field

Because applications,load considerations, and the power of the equipment play such a factor in how your tires can affect your productivity and economy, this is particularly true with Ag tires. Undersized, over inflated tires will limit power and waste fuel. Soil compaction can also be am issue with improper inflation. Compaction can lead to a decrease yield.


How to Determine the Right Size Tire for your Equipment & Application

Tire size seems like an easy factor- you look at your tire, read the size and that is what you need- right? The answer is, not always…
Yes, you will start with the size of the tire already on your tractor or implement. But any modifications in power to your equipment (horsepower, etc..) could leave you with undersized tires for the power of the machine. In an article in Western Producer, James Crouch of Michelin gives a good explanation of how this can affect your field productivity.


How can Horsepower Affect Tire Size?

Crouch uses an example of a farmer with a 9630 John Deere that he modified, or “chipped,” over the winter to increase its power…

“So instead of 530 horsepower, now the guy has 620 or 650 h.p. His horsepower has dramatically increased. He had been running dual 620/70/42s before, but now he gets power hop, and slippage is dramatically higher. Actually, we see this often.
His old tires might be in perfect condition, but they don’t match the new power. He’s putting too much torque to the ground. He’s undersized on his tires, so now he has to move up to something like a 710/70/42 or an IF (increased flexion) tire…
A tire’s job is to transmit power from the engine to the ground. If the tire isn’t doing its job, the farmer is wasting fuel and even more importantly, wasting part of his investment in the equipment.”

Tire footprints need to grow progressively larger as the power increases on your equipment. Size is only one factor to consider when it comes to finding the right tractor or implement tires. Our tractor tire size conversion chart will help you find the right size when comparing standard, radial and metric sizes.

More Farm Tractor Tire Tips

Watch the video below to learn a little bit more about other factors to consider before you buy.

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