Problems with Clearance for Tire Chains?


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tape measure measuring space on skid steer between tires and machine

A GREAT solution offered from one of our customers!


Our customer Eric uses spacers to push rim away from equipment to allow room for tire chains on his skid steer.

At Ken Jones, we love to hear from our customers! Eric of Centertown, MO sent us photos of how he solved a tire chain clearance issue for his Volvo MC135C (skid steer) by using spacers. Some equipment has limited clearance available for tire chain use. Eric used spacers to extend the tire wheel away from the equipment and allow space for chains(Predator Skid Steer Chains).

This spacer (see photo below of the red colored plate) is about 1 – 2 inches thick, and is placed over the threaded bolts/hub, before mounting the wheel.

If you would like to explore whether or not this an option for your equipment you should contact your local equipment dealer to see if spacers are available or search online.

Thanks for sharing Eric!

tape measure measuring space on skid steer between tires and machine

Measure clearance space needed to allow room for chains



Remove wheel and place “spacer” to push out your wheel from the equipment


Skid steer wheel mounted over spacer

Place wheel mount over spacer and secure




Predator skid steer chains with spacer to “bump out” tire wheel



Plenty of Clearance for Chains now!

If you have any questions, about tire chains for any of your equipment, just give us a call!
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