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Moffett Forklift Tires

Moffett Forklift Tires

Moffett tires are not something you think too much about until you are out in the middle of nowhere making a delivery and you have a flat! If one of the three tires on this machine fails, your day is not going to go as planned…

Most Common Products for Moffett Tire Replacement

Carlisle Tru Power Lug

Carlisle Tru Power LugThe most commonly used tire for truck mounted moffett lifts is the Tru Power Lug from Carlisle. The Carlisle Tru Power Lug is designed for extra traction. It’s specially designed rim guard and dirt shield keep debris away from the bead of the tire. This reduces chance of flats and costly downtime. These tires were designed for extreme construction site conditions with many hazards and surface types.

Carlisle Multi Trac C/S

Carlisle Multi Trac C/S Turf TiresThe Carlisle Multi Trac C/S is a turf tire commonly used on truck mounted moffett lifts. It’s an extremely durable commercial turf tire that is used when turf damage is a concern.

Flat Free Moffett Tires Save Headaches and Costly Downtime

Many equipment operators choose to have their tires foam filled to make them flat free. This eliminates the headaches and cost of having a flat tire when you are out making deliveries. Custom fill, such as our popular Ecoflex, replaces the air in your tires making them 100% flat free!

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