LSW Study Shows Increased Yield and Decreased Fuel Consumption


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Goodyear Optitrac IF800:55R46 LSW Ag Tires

Photo Courtesy of Titan Tires

Goodyear LSW is Great for Farmers Bottom Line!

Titan International released the results of their first planting study on Goodyear® Farm Tire Low Sidewall (LSW®) Technology™ as it affects yield and fuel consumption. Goodyear LSW Super Single tires were tested against Michelin standard duals in corn and soybean crops.

$16 per acre advantage with LSW Tires

Results from the corn harvest showed that the test plot with the Goodyear LSW Super Singles yielded 5 bushels more per acre compared to the Michelin duals.

5% Savings on Fuel Cost

In addition to the increased crop yield, the study also showed a 5% reduction in fuel costs.

What is LSW® Technology?

LSW Technology by Titan is farm tire technology designed to reduce road lope, decrease power hop and reduce soil compaction for agricultural applications. LSW design features a larger wheel diameter and shorter tire sidewall when compared to standard tires.

Click here to read the full release of results

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