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Ken Jones Announces Relaunch of our Vac Hose Division Website: leafvacuumhose.com

Ken Jones, Inc. is proud to announce the relaunch of their website leafvacuumhose.com, a website dedicated to leaf, lawn and mulch hose. Leafvacuumhose.com was originally launched in 2013 to help their customers through the buying process of a product that can be difficult to purchase online. “How to” videos are throughout the site as well as reviews of the various different vac hose products and their various applications.

Shop Hose by Diameter Option

In trying to improve user experience ad make the process as simple as possible, we added the “shop by diameter feature- this allows customers to view all products available fro the size hose they are looking for.

Leaf Vac Hose Comparison Chart

photo of the leaf vac hose comparison chart on leafvacuumhose.com

We gave an updated look and tried to simplify the vac hose comparison chart allowing consumers to see to compare the various hose products side by side.

Easier to Find What You Need

The additional functionality to search your size and price right from the home page will save customers time…one click to purchase!

Videos to Help Walk You Through the Process

Our helpful videos will walk you through the selection process based on your application and equipment. Product reviews go into further detail for each type of vac hose.

Future Features

We will continue to build to some helpful information that will be specific to find replacement hose by equipment, such as Trac Vac Hose.

We Welcome Your Feedback and Questions

Let us know what you think…or if you have any questions about buying leaf vac hose of any type of specialty tire, tube or chain, just give us a call or live chat on our main site.
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