Spring is here…are you ready?


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Spring is finally here! Time to check your equipment and get ready … In addition to be the easiest place online to buy tires and tire tubes for your equipment, Ken Jones, Inc. is proud to offer our customers Flexaust® Vacuum Hose products for leaf, lawn & garden clean up and mulching blowing.

Leaf Vacuum Hose Website


We have a new website dedicated just to leaf vacuum, lawn vacuum and mulch blowing hoses, with product charts and video reviews to help you select the right hose for your tractor and lawn vacuum systems. Visit http://www.leafvacuumhose.com to check it out! Steve explains everything you need to know about purchasing leaf vacuum hose, lawn vacuum hose and mulch hose in his new video.

Any questions? Just give Steve a call…


Vacuum hose is also available for purchase online on our main website.

lawn vacuum hose square

Leaf Vacuum Hose and Lawn Vacuum Hose

Mulch Hose

Mulch Hose


Ken Jones Tires, we make it EASY to buy mower tires, tractor tires, flat proof tires, tire tubes and leaf vacuum hose online!

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