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Lawn Mower Tire Maintenance Checklist
In many parts of the US mowing season is finally here! After a long, harsh winter we are all looking forward to getting back to work outside whether it be in our own yards or for commercial landscaping and lawn care companies. As you get your equipment ready for the season, checking your tires should be an important part of your maintenance checklist.

So the experts here at Ken Jones Tires have some basic tips for making sure your tires are ready this season.

Lawn Mower Tire Maintenance Tips

Check for cracks
Sunlight and extreme hot or cold temperatures can cause cracks in the sidewall of your tires. While the rubber compounds tires are manufactured with have anti aging compounds in them, exposure to the elements will cause the rubber to lose some of it’s elasticity, causing cracks in the surface. Driving on under inflated tires can also cause cracking.Also check your front caster wheels. If theses wheels are excessively worn, cracked, or don’t roll smoothly, you may need to replace them. Cracked or overly worn tires are also more likely to fail or have a blow out. As this usually happens while you are operating the equipment, that can really cut into your day’s productivity and operator safety.

Check for Proper Inflation of Tires
This is by far the most important aspect of proper lawn tire maintenance. Properly inflated tires reduces fuel consumption, field time and soil compaction. Tire pressure will vary based on equipment type and environment. Always consult your manufacturer’s recommendations for proper inflation. If your tires are over inflated you risk a blowout, a lopsided tire or reduced traction on some types of terrain. If you are under inflated, the tire can become creased and weakened. This will cause you to lose speed and efficiency. Bumpy ground may require slightly lower inflation and operating on smooth terrain an usually tolerate the higher air pressure. Loss of air pressure can be a sign of leaks and further attention may be needed. Our flat proofing products, such as flat free tire sealant may eliminate the issue if it is just a minor crack causing air loss. Further damage may require use of a lawn tractor tire tube or replacement of the tire. Flat Free lawn mower tires are available for almost all equipment and save time, headaches and money!

Look for Signs of Premature Wear
Over and under inflation can cause premature wear in the tread. Over inflation will cause the center of the tread while under inflation causes the shoulders to wear.

Check for Damage to Sidewalls
Check sidewalls for scuffs, chips and punctures. Also look for chips in the lugs of the tire.

Look for Signs of Rusting at the Valve Stem
Leaks at the valve stem could indicate the tire tube is failing. Generally this will also show signs of rust. This is usually a sign that it is time for a rim repair and possibly a new tube.

Check Tread Depth
Loss of traction is the best indicator that tread wear may be an issue. Low tread can be a safety issue on hills, especially when going downhill. Bald tires are more likely to slide, and cracked or overly worn tires are also more likely to blow out. This is a risk to both operator and your days productivity.

Need Expert Advice for your Lawn Mower & Lawn Tractor Tires?

As always, the lawn mower and lawn tractor tire experts at Ken Jones are here to answer any questions you may have. So just give us a call or live chat with a lawn mower tire expert on our website.

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