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Choosing the Right Tread Design

When Replacing Mower or Lawn Tractor Tires

After almost 80 years in business we have heard almost every question about tread designs out there- and we have watched as manufacturers have really developed more application designed tread styles. With so many options available, this has added to the confusion when buyers try to purchase lawn mower tires online.

Previous blog posts we have covered how various tread styles- even from the same manufacturer, will often have various different height and width measurements: Read “Comparing Lawn Mower Tires

So if all these different patterns are confusing your decision, lets take a step back first and go over the other basics you need to know before you get to the tread choice.

  1. Size
  2. Ply Rating
  3. Brand of Tire Currently on Equipment
  4. Tire Model Name- these can change over time
  5. Type of terrain equipment is used on
  6. Turf Damage Requirements
  7. Equipment Brand and Model can also be helpful

Now, if you know the exact tire that you are currently using, and it was OEM (original equipment) on the machine, you may choose to simply purchase the same exact tire. (If it is available and if you were happy with it’s performance). Depending on how long the previous tire was in use, you may have many more options available when replacing it. Tread designs that offer better traction, less turf damage, and better overall performance and wear may be available. At Ken Jones Tires, we also try and offer options for price. Sometimes there are great quality import replacement brands that provide an excellent product at a much lower price than the OEM tire. While we try and give you as much information as possible online, you still may be better off giving us. call, or live chatting with a mower tire expert on our main website.

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