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Kubota RTV Tires

Kubota RTV photo courtesy of Kubota

Kubota RTV Tires

Kubota RTV Tires: The OTR 25x10x12  350 Mag tire is original equipment on Kubota RTV

Are you looking for replacement tires for your Kubota RTV? We get calls from many universities and property owners that use these vehicles looking for the proper tire to fit their vehicles. So we just thought we would share this tip for replacing tires on these utility vehicles.

The OTR 350 Mag 25X10X12 is original equipment on Kubota RTV 900, 950, 1100 and 1150 models. The same is true for the 25x1050x12 OTR 440Mag.

The OTR 350 Mag Off Road offers a unique tread design that not only increases the life of the tread, but also delivers a more responsive tire with a smooth and comfortable ride. Colleges and Universities LOVE these tires! They are original equipment replacement tires for Kubota RTV’s found on college campuses across the country. The perfect tire choice for athletic field management, farm work, fire and rescue, hunting, grounds keeping and golf course maintenance.

The OTR 440 Mag is an aggressive tread tire designed to perform well on any terrain and it’s rugged construction enables the tire to carry heavy workloads. The 440Mag is an excellent tire choice for a variety of applications such as farming, hunting, site work, grounds keeping, rescue work and snow plowing.

Any questions about Kubota RTV Tires?

As always,if you have any questions, just give us a call. We will help you find the right tire for your equipment and application.

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