Kubota 212/80D15 Bridgestone Pillow Dia Turf Tire Replacement


  • Sumo

The Bridgestone 212/80D15 Pillow Dia turf tire might as well be obsolete because finding them is like looking for a needle in a hay stack!

BUT, do not despair!
An acceptable replacement tire is a 28x850x15 6 ply Titan Multi Trac C/S which can be found here.

As you can see the tread is the popular Multi Trac C/S design for turf applications.

And since the 212/80D15 is original equipment on Kubota 4 wheel drive tractors, the replacement 28x850x15 MUST be the same height (within 1/2″), or else you will have transmission problems. Problem solved…here are the specs.:

Bridgestone 212/80D15
ply rating 4 ply
height 28.4″
width 8.5″
max.load 960lbs @ 23lbs pressure

Titan 28x850x15
ply rating 6 ply
height 28″
width 8.4″
max.load 1,430lbs @ 30lbs pressure

The Titan 28x850x15 is heavier duty as well – 6 ply rating, which works well because many tractor owners tend to overload their front buckets.

AND they cost less too!


4 Responses to “Kubota 212/80D15 Bridgestone Pillow Dia Turf Tire Replacement”
  1. JG says:

    Have you measured one of these tires with 30psi in it, on a 6″ rim? It’s far from being 28″. It measures 26.5 and that measurement comes from both measuring diameter and also circumference divided by pi. Even customer service from Titan said the last production measurement they got was 27″. Also, the 212/80 D15 actually measures 29 with worn out tread! Your transmission is not going to like the 28/8.50/15 so, subtract 26.5 from 29 and that equals 2.5!!!!!!!!! Not good folks, not good. Sadly we need to be buying more of the Bridgestone’s from over seas, then they wouldn’t be so hard to find.

  2. admin says:

    Hi JG,

    Thanks for your comment.
    A couple of things to consider.
    1. The Firestone (Bridgestone) spec. book lists the 212/80D15 overall diameter as 28.4″ and rolling circumference at 85″ on a 7 inch rim.
    All tires “grow” as they age so it doesn’t surprise me that the old worn out tires are larger. Need to compare new tires – apples to apples.

    2. The Titan 28x850x15 spec. books says 28″ OD and 84″ inches rolling circumference on a 7 inch rim.
    If Titan can’t keep there spec the same as what in their spec book, well that’s another story. I have seen many popular brands give a “variance of +-2% in their sizing.
    We see this a lot in the specialty tire business.

    Why doesn’t Bridgestone import this size into the US? Who knows. They have other sizes that are needed as well. A call to Bridgestone/Firestone in search of an answer would better serve our readers. They created this mess.

    We are offering a solution that is widely accepted in the specialty tire marketplace by virtually all the experts.
    We have not heard of a better fix.

    Thanks again for shining light on this problem!

  3. Ed says:

    I just replaced 2 212/80/15 s with the Titan 28x850x15. (this morning) At first glance the size difference is a little frightening. We mounted and inflated the first Titan and rolled it next to the old Bridgestone. I only had about a half an inch difference between the two. I’m pretty sure that my low speed transmission/ transfer case can and will handle that slight difference. Another thing to consider in the ratings is the difference in the tire pressure. The old tire is rated 4 ply and 23 pounds which means there is more sidewall deflection than the 6 ply rated 30 pound tire…

    My old tires have lasted since 1996… hope to get the same life out of the new ones.

  4. Mattwithcats says:

    A 225/75R15 or 235/70R15 tire should fit, the rim is a 7JI, diameter is 28.3 and 28, respectively…

    It will be wider, and you need to check on fender clearance….

    Click on the blue tab at the top, then find your diameter….

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