How to Tell if it is Time for New Tractor & Farm Tires


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Why is it Important to Replace Worn Tractor Tires?

Unlike passenger tires, where tread depth determines when tires should be replaced, tractor tires and other farm implement tires are not a cut and dry situation. For automobiles and other vehicles that travel at fast speeds, a tire failure can be a very dangerous situation.With off road vehicles, such as tractors and construction equipment, while a tire failure can be dangerous- and definitely a big headache- worn times can lead to costly increased fuel consumption and of course the risk of costly downtime.

This article from brings up some excellent points about how soil types and environments can determine when tires should be replaced. According to James Crouch, farm segment marketing manager at Michelin in a recent interview with Grainews, there is no standard rule.

“If you’re in a really wet region or year and your tire is really worn out, then your (wheel) slip is going to be really high, and it’s going to waste a lot of fuel. If it’s really dry, you may be able to hold off (replacing them) a little bit longer,” states Crouch.

Evaluate Wheel Slip

Newer model tractors may have wheel slip indicators, making it easier to determine tractor wheel’s slip rate. Another way to determine wheel slip is to evaluate how far dirt is pushed back by the lugs in a tire track when the tractor is loaded. If lugs are pushing dirt backwards quite a bit, that can be an indicator of excessive wheel slip.

Check for Tire Damage

“When you start to see cords, it needs to come off,” Crouch says. “Any other damage needs to be looked at on an individual basis. Damage on the shoulder (also) needs to be looked at or repaired. Most of the time if you see enough damage to get your attention, it’s time to call your tire dealer and let them look at it. They can tell you if it can be fixed.”

Consider Replacing Bias Tires with Radial

If you plan on keeping the equipment for a few more years, replacing a worn bias tire with a radial replacement may improve performance.
“It’ll be night and day different. It will change the tractor completely. You’ll never go back to a bias, which is why the market has gone radial so fast. Your initial investment will be much higher, but the longevity will pay for itself two or three times. It will be a complete game changer, ” states Crouch.

Fuel efficiency, smoother ride and longer wear are all benefits of a radial tire.

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If you have any questions about when you need to replace worn tires, just give us a call or send us a picture. For 77 years, Ken Jones has been the leading expert in farm and tractor tires.
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  1. Cal Driver says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I grew up on a farm, and my grandpa used to run vehicles more than a little too hard. The first sign of trouble was the tires–if the tires were beaten and worn, that meant the equipment itself was not being looked after as well. Repair or replace your tires and I don’t think you’ll need to fix the equipment itself as often.

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