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Honda Snowblower Tires 14x400x6 Replacement Tips- PART I

Here’s a quick tip:

Every year we seem to get a lot of calls from owners of Honda Snowblowers. honda-main-logoThey call looking for replacement tires in the size 14x400x6. Unfortunately that size is generally not available in the replacement market. You can only buy it through Honda power equipment dealers. And from what I’ve been told, Honda wants you to buy the tire AND rim at outrageous prices.

Here’s a solution…

Carlisle Tire makes a 14x450x6 in a lug pattern, ideal for snowblowers.
Here is a link on

The difference is the tire width. This tire is 1/2″ wider (1/4″ wider on each side when mounted).
We recommend replacing both tires, since different brand specialty tires may not match exactly in height (don’t ask why…it’s just the nature of the specialty tire business).
The specs and product details are all on our website.

And as far a price? These Carlisle Tires will be about 1/2 to 1/3 less $$ than the sticker shock you experience from Honda…and that’s for 2 tires vs 1 tire / wheel assembly.

If you see it out of stock on our website, just call us and we can order it for you. It is a seasonal product and not in high demand, so we don’t stock it heavily.

That’s it for today’s tip.

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. See PART 2 here.

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27 Responses to “HONDA SNOWBLOWER TIRES 14X400X6”
  1. Opus8084 says:

    I took your advice and ordered the 14×4.50×6 tires for my Honda snowblower and now have a problem – the Honda model that I have has a 2-piece rim and these tires do not work. After contacting my Honda dealer, I found out the they have never had any success mounting these tires because they don’t have the plastic mounting ring that comes on the regular 14×4.00×6 Honda tires which allows the tire to lock into place and seal.

    If you have a way to get these tires to mount on the 2-piece rim, I would appreciate the information. My only other alternative is to order the very expensive Honda tires.

  2. admin says:

    The 2 piece honda wheel has a gasket that makes it air tight. The 14x450x6 tire can be mounted tubeless (with Honda gasket in good shape or new ) or you can also use a tube
    (13x500x6 ) in the tire. We mount these quite often and sell many of the 14x450x6 tires on the internet with no problems or call backs.

    The original tires (only sold by Honda ?!?) are made with a flimsy tire bead which makes them a pain to mount.

    Its easier for the dealer to say it doesn’t work and sell you outrageously priced tires or even tire & wheel assemblies.
    Blame Honda, the manufacturer, not your local Honda dealer.

    Its just a strange tire / wheel set up that no other manufacturer uses…probably to save costs.

  3. Charles says:

    I ordered two of the Honda replacement tires and had a friend mount them. He had no problems mounting them. I checked the local Honda dealers prices on the stock Honda Blower tires and they were over $100 per tire which is outrageous IMO.

    I also ordered the tubes as a fail safe for the Carlise brand. The gent who mounted them also left the Honda gasket on the setup. My Honda 928 is over 6 years old and one of the original Honda tires went flat. We were able to get it to seal on the rim, but only after a difficult challenge. The other tire apparently was over inflated by my son which caused a problem. Even though they both had the same air pressure, one of higher then the other. In the end, I did not trust them so it was better to try the Carlise brand.

    I’ve yet to try the Carlise’s in the real world, but hope to this week as we are expecting snow. I’ll report back and provide a short opinion on their ability to keep a grip in the snow. I live on a steep hill and it will be a good test for them.

  4. Charles says:

    Reporting back on the replacement Carlisle 14× 450 x 6 in a lug pattern tire after an 8 inch snow fall here in the northeast: After a somewhat brief trial run, they may be better then the stock Honda tires at least on my terrain. I have a very steep incline of a driveway that’s macadam and the Honda tires at times skidded and slipped when going uphill. The Carlisle’s seemed to have a better grip and allowed better control in my situation. After a short period of ownership, I’d give this tire and price a thumbs up!!

  5. Jim says:

    WOW! Those tires are huge! Thanks for writing this blog, keep up the good work!

  6. Greg says:

    Thank You Great Money Saver
    Ordered 14x450x6 tires after reading blog & pricing honda tires, for my12 yr old honda HS55 mounted them myself it took about 30 min. gaskets for split rims were in good shape so I reused them 4 bolts hold the rims together remove bolts this will split rim remove old tire and place half of rim on either side of new tire line up gasket holes with rim holes install 4 bolts add air to seat tire on rim (need to over inflate tire to seat) remove extra air. You are finished .ReiInsall new wheels on blower and off you!!!!!!!!!! Works Great

  7. admin says:


  8. Dennis Welygan says:

    I too have HS55 snowblower with 14x4x6 tires. On examining my failed Honda tire I noticed that a steel ring is bonded to the inside of the tire in the bead area. The ring had come off on one side of my failed tire. Trying to inflate the tire and seat the bead was impossible as the bead just kept sliding off the rim. I believe the steel ring prevents this from happening. Does the Carlisle tire have such a feature or will it too eventually slide off the bead?? I assume this is why Honda uses a two part rim so that the tire rim is not stretched (or cannot) to damage this steel ring. I have opened up the tire several times and keep reusing the rim gasket that has been described earlier. Terrible tire design but who was to know. Blower is terrific so I need to keep it working. My overall major concern with the Carlisle tires is this bead construction. The price is defintely appealing.

  9. admin says:

    Correct…terrible tire design. What was Honda thinking?
    Most, if not all tires have a heavy duty bead that is encased in rubber, just like a car tire.
    You won’t have any problems with Carlisle tires.
    We sell a lot of these tires for Honda blowers to online customers.
    Spread the word! : )


  10. Brad says:

    Just wondering what is the best way to break the seal of the tire from the rim. I can pull the two sides of the rim apart but am having difficulty getting the bead off the rim. Is it probably just stuck from age? I have to replace my “old” honda snowblower tires because the bead keeps slipping off the rim. I am hoping I can get the new tires to work as suggested on this website.

  11. admin says:

    Yes, the tires beads get stuck from age.
    It’s difficult to “break the bead” off the rim because you don’t have any leverage, especially
    on 2 piece wheels. Try using a screw driver to help pry the tire off, but be careful
    to not damage the rim.

  12. Larry Edwards says:

    Great site. I just had a second tire failure on my Honda Snow Blower. I just ordered a replacement for $79 plus shipping at It is probably original equipment (Ohtsu Tire and Rubber Co.). I replaced my first failed tire last year at a local lawn and garden dealer for $120. When I took the blower out of storage the tire had increased in diameter by two inches to 16″!! and the width to 5″. I’m guessing inferior materials or a counterfeit replacement.
    You case ease the tire mounting and dismounting with a soapy water solution or possibly silicone. Be patient. Use wood block between the hammer and the tire.

  13. admin says:

    Too bad you didn’t find our site sooner…two tires for less than the price of one.

  14. Brad says:

    We got the old tires unmounted but now I am having problems getting the new Carlisle tires to seat on the rim. It seems like I cannot get the edge of the tire to seat on both sides of the tire. Is there a special trick to get this to work? I guess a tube might be the best alternative. If I could find one here in Denver.

    Thanks, Brad

  15. Larry Edwards says:

    Glad to see people are still grinding away at this problem. Sears uses the Carlisle tire on its snowblowers if that is any recommendation. I did install a tube in one of my Honda tires and it seems ok. The Honda tire that expanded due to over pressure is sitting in my basement and seems to have shrunk back to its original size! I went to a local Honda dealer who said that he often sees Honda tires that have been over pressurized. He recommended getting a digital pressure gauge. I got one and I am keeping the final pressure to 10 or less pounds. So far so good.

  16. Brad says:

    We finally got it to work. We tried the suggestion of using silicone spray. We had to hit the tire a few times to get the edge to move a little further out. Thanks for all the help and the tire look great–anxious to use them here in Colorado.

  17. CJWatt says:

    I just purchased these tires to replace the original Honda ones on a HS55. One of the oem ones was over pressurized and huge. The other one was fine and will be for sale on Ebay very soon. I just finished mounting the Carlisles. The first one took a bit of work but the second one was easy once I knew how the oem ones worked. A little trick for anyone having a problem getting the Carliles to grab the rim: wrap a ratchet strap around the outside to force the bead out to the rim. With a little added hand pressure, I was able to get the tires seated on the rims and they appear to be holding air just fine. Now, all I need is some snow to test them out.

  18. admin says:

    Nice tip. If anyone can’t get the tire bead to seat properly to air up, install a tube.
    the correct tube size is 13x500x6, which is a popular size and you should be able to find locally at a commercial power
    equipment dealer. If not, call us a 1-800-225-9513.

  19. Larry Edwards says:

    I bought a 13x500x6 tube at Town Fair Tire. Bring final pressure to 10 lbs with a digital gauge.

    Also I over pressurized a new Honda tire and it stretched to 16 inches.
    I let it sit in the basement and it shrunk back to original size.

    Bead sealer can be used to seat tire, but it is expensive from local parts store.
    Also a high power air pump at a garage might do the trick.

  20. Brad says:

    We had our first significant snowfall of the season and I must say the tires we bought from this site for our 30 year old snowblower worked to perfection. Thanks for the tips. Do not be afraid to purchase these tires for your Honda snowblower.

  21. Jim says:

    I own the Honda HS-55 snowblower and I’ve had the same trouble installing the new Carlyle tires on the split rims.The comments from other owners listed here are very helpful along with the phone calls to the Ken Jones rep. Some helpful tips that I’ve found while doing this job is to buy four 2″ metric bolts the same size as the 3/4″ mounting bolts. Taking off the wheel hub is only removing a cotter pin.
    This way you can mount the tire with the rims on the wheel hub on the workbench. The longer bolts will reach the hub while the split rims are still apart on the tire. The longer bolts will bring the rims together on the tire. Then you can replace them with the shorter bolts. With the wheels mounted on the hubs, you can also bring the wheels to a service station without taking the snowblower in.

  22. Steve Kohlmann says:

    I had the same problem as everyone else with the Honda tires.

    My solution to getting them off the rim was to take a big utility knife and just cut them off. You’ll be left with the bead portion still around the rim but then you can easily cut that off or use a screwdriver to peel that off. I cleaned up the rim and used liquid soap around the rim to help the new tire seat properly.

    I did use the inner tubes – it just makes everything easier and why risk the old seals.

    10lbs of air pressure seems to work just fine.

  23. Dale says:

    I just got my HS624 snowblower out and discovered one of the Ohatsu OEM tires was dry rotted and wouldn’t hold air. I tried Slime in it (big mistake) and the Slime was shooting out of the sidewall cracks when I aired up the tire. I bought a tube and after much difficulty getting it together (my split rimmed wheel hub was frozen to the axle and heat and penetrating fluid and a gear puller wouldn’t budge it) I noticed that the blower sat lop sided. I measured both tires which appeared identical and the one that was still good was an inch and a half bigger in diameter. Giving in I went to my Honda Powersports dealer in town and priced a new tire at $90!!! I have no idea what brand it would be as the new snowblowers on the floor have a one piece rim and Duro rubber on them. So I ordered a couple of Carlisle snowblower tires just to make sure I had two tires that were identical in size. I paid $40 for each tire but I need them NOW as snow will be here in a couple of days. I just want to say thanks for the information on the split rims and would suggest to anyone who has to replace tires to replace BOTH at the same time. If one tire is bigger than the other the machine will not run straight. Also don’t wait until the forecast says ‘snow’ as it will certainly cost you more money.

  24. Tom V says:

    I have two Hondas, an hs80 and hs928, both of which originally had the Ohtsu Sno Grip II 14×4-6 and needed replacement. The Ohtsu tires are big for their size. A good original tire measured 14×4.5, although these tires deform from over-inflation so it’s hard to tell. For the hs80, I bought the genuine Honda replacement tire (42751-V41-003). This tire is made by Duro and is considerably smaller than the original Ohtsu tires, despite being marked the same size. I measured mine installed at 13.25×4.125. These tires have been in service for over a year with no issues. When I bought my hs928, both tires had significant damage from over-inflation. I decided to give the Carlisle tires a try and I’m satisfied with them. They measure 14×4.25 installed, so slightly narrower than the Ohtsu, despite the wider listing. Given that a lot of Ohtsu tires in service are deformed, I think the Carlisle Snow Hog 15×5-6 would also match well. As for installation, a band or ratchet strap is essential. Spread the sidewalls before tightening the band.


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