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Honda Snowblower Tires Part I
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Honda Snowblower Tires Part III

Honda Snowblower Tires Part III

Here’s a little more information on the Honda tire saga…

It’s a common occurrence…a customer stops by with with a strange look in their eyes. They’re holding their Honda snow blower tire and rim in their hands and wonder what happened? The tires won’t hold air and there’s this weird little round metal ring of some sort that seems to have dislodged itself from the tire.

See picture below

As you can see we finally took a picture to illustrate this odd set up. In all my years in the tire business, this is the only tire I’ve seen made this way…almost like the steel ring is supposed to “lock” the tire to the rim – who knows. Fortunately 99.99% of the tires on the market are NOT made this way.
I can even “peel back” the tire bead with one finger. I could never do this with the normal tire bead.

After years of wear and tear, the tire becomes flimsy, the “wire o-ring” dislodges and the tire fails.

And one more thing – Don’t install a tire tube. This may be a temporary fix, but after a while the tube will work its way between the metal ring and the tire and cause a blowout which can be dangerous to your health!

So it’s best to eliminate this headache and replace your tires.
You just know they will fail at the worst time… -20 degrees and you can’t get your car in your driveway!

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6 Responses to “HONDA SNOWBLOWER TIRES 14X400X6 Part 3”
  1. tram says:

    Hi, I want to know the price Honda snowblower 14x400x6 before I decide get both tires I got the same problems like people got .Do i still use the Honda rim when I change tire please let me know.

  2. Bob P says:

    I would also like to know if the goofy honda rims have to be replaced to use these Carlyle tires or keep the same 2 piece honda rims? Thanks

  3. Brian Jones says:

    The 2 piece rims are fine. Just check the seal or gasket on the wheel to see if still in good shape (if mounting without a tube). One thing to note… if you are mounting yourself without a high pressure air hose you might find it difficult to blast the air to set the tire bead to the rim (air tight seal). Many people also purchase a tube (size 13x500x6, part #323790) which makes it very easy to air up the tire. Just be careful not to pinch the tube when bolting the wheels together.

  4. Jeff says:

    I am using an inner tube for the replacements. What psi do you set the innertube to?

  5. Brian Jones says:

    Hi Jeff- Follow the PSI on the tire sidewall. That doesn’t change just because you use a tube.


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