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Honda Snowblower Tires 14x400x6 PART II

Here is an update from our first blog post. If you haven’t read that post click here for the link.


Here’s a quick summary of our first post:

“Here’s a quick tip:

Every year we seem to get a lot of calls from owners of Honda Snowblowers. They call looking for replacement tires in the size 14x400x6. Unfortunately that size is generally not available in the replacement market. You can only buy it through Honda power equipment dealers. And from what I’ve been told, Honda wants you to buy the tire AND rim at outrageous prices.

Here’s a solution…


Carlisle Tire makes a 14x450x6 in a lug pattern, ideal for snowblowers.
Here is a link for the 14x450x6 Carlisle Super Lug

Ok, so this post has generated a huge response from Honda snow blower owners. The demand for these tires is crazy! I’m glad this tip has helped many people keep a little money in their pockets!

Here are some more questions we get asked:
1. Do I need a tube?
Answer: You can install a tube (13x500x6 is the correct size to use), but only if the wheel gasket is poor condition. The gasket makes the 2 part wheel air tight.

2. Can I replace just one tire?
ANSWER: We suggest replacing BOTH tires. Even though one tire may have failed, chances are the second tire is “on it’s way out” too. Plus, even though both tires are supposed to be 14″ tall, very rarely is that the case in the specialty tire business.

3. Can I mount these myself?
ANSWER: Sure, but be very careful. You’re playing with high air pressure and if it explodes you could have a finger tip taken off or worse. If you’re installing a tube, be careful not to pinch the tube when bolting the rim back together.

4. Does the Carlisle 14x450x6 lug tire have the same “steel ring” tire bead exposed?
ANSWER: Absolutely not! This tire has the same bead design as you car tire…steel bead encased inside rubber. Who knows why the Honda tire is built like this? This is the only tire designed with this type of tire bead that I can recall.

Well that’s it!

Now is the time to replace your tires. We just placed another tire order for more!

**see part 3 for more information…click here.

Click here to purchase snowblower tires


4 Responses to “HONDA SNOWBLOWER TIRES 14X400X6 Part 2”
  1. Matt B says:

    I just purchased two of the Carlyle 14x400x6 tires to replace two old tries on my HS-50 Honda snow blower. While I have not used them in the snow yet, the fit perfectly and I am sure they will do the trick. Many thanks for helping my save over $100.

    Some advice if you buy them (I had never mounted tubeless tires before so if this is too rudimentary for you, please ignore).

    1) As advised by the nice people at Ken Jones, keep your rubber gasket and make sure it is in good condition. One of mine fell off so I used some rubber cement to reattach it.

    2) Clean the rims thoroughly. I used acetone and a scotch brite pad to make sure no dirt or old rubber was on the rim. The new tire edge has to both seat and slide over this surface so clean is good.

    3) Lube the rim with a little silicone spray. Again, the new tire will look like it isn’t going to fit and needs to expand and move along the rim as you add air. A little lubricant helps a lot.

    4) After you put the tire on the rim, mount the rim on your snow blower hub and draw up the rim to the wheel tight in order to seal the inner gasket. Make sure the tire has the correct shape and is not in any way twisted or distorted.

    5) Use a ratchet strap to draw it up the tire so that the inner seams seal against the hub.

    6) I used a hand pump to add air and made sure the tire took the correct shape. Once I knew it was sealing, I added a little more air and removed the ratchet strap.

    7) Once the ratchet strap was removed, I finished filling the tire by hand.

    Thanks again for getting this information out.

    Saratoga Springs, NY

  2. Rob says:

    Will the carlisle fit on the standard honda wheel or do i need to buy new rims?

  3. Brian Jones says:

    Yes, same rim. If it is a 2 part wheel (bolt together) you may want to use tubes if you are mounting yourself. Tube make airing up the tire much easier.
    Tube size would be 13x500x6.


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