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Goodyear Farm Tires has received an award from Farm Industry News.

It was announced today that Goodyear Farm Tires have received an award from the Farm Industry News. Titan Tire, the manufacturer of the Goodyear Farm Tire brand has received the 2015 FinOvation Award from Farm Industry News for it’s Extreme Flotation and Low Sidewall (LSW) technology line of Ag tires.

Goodyear Farm Tires

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Titan stated that the award is presented to products and companies that received the most interest from the publication’s readers throughout 2014. Goodyear/Titan was one of 20 recipients of this award.

Goodyear Farm Tire Line now Eligible for Product of the Year Award

This will now qualify the Goodyear Tire Lines for the “Product of the Year” Award, which will be voted on by the public. The poll is open for voting on the magazine’s website. Click here to cast your vote. The winner will be announced on February 12, 2015 at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

According to Tire Business Magazine, Titan states;

“The fact that the public has shown such significant interest in both Extreme Flotation and Low Sidewall (LSW) technologies — both of which are unique to Goodyear — shows that more than a decade of research, development and testing by Titan to bring these new technologies to market is justified,” said Scott Sloan, agricultural product manager for Titan Tire and Goodyear farm tires.

“Now is the time to challenge conventional thinking about farm tire design, and the award shows that farmers agree. They are looking for new technologies that will help them be more productive, and that is what we’re providing. We hope that everyone who has experienced the advantage of LSW will get online and vote.”

To read the full article, click here.

Goodyear Optiterra LSW 1000/40R32 & DT930 LSW 1100/45R46

Goodyear’s Optiterra LSW 1000/40R32 front farm tires and DT930 LSW 1100/45R46 rear farm tires increase contact area by nearly 20 percent, according to Titan.

The increased contact area reduces ground-bearing pressure to reduce soil compaction and helps maximize yields. The Extreme Flotation setup has a reduced overall width which results in easier road use and sharper turning. There has been much talk of the LSW technology and it’s advantages out in the field. The Ken Jones Tires Blog has featured a few articles this year on these new options for our customers.

Watch the video below to learn more about Titan LSW Farm Tires

Ken Jones Tires is always available for expert farm and tractor tire advice…For more information about Goodyear Farm Tires or LSW Technology, just give us a call!

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Video: The Low Sidewall Revolution -

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