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Photo of the Beefy Baby SDS Flat Free Solid Skid Steer Tire

Beefy Baby SDS Solid Tire from Alliance Tire Group

Beefy Baby SDS is Designed for use with Skid Steer Loaders


Features & Benefits:

  • Wheels are included
  • 8 on 8″ and 6″ pilot hole
  • Severe duty solid
  • ZERO downtime and longer tire life
  • Tread compound is highly wear and cut resistant
  • Designed specifically for demanding heavy duty applications
  • Solid rubber construction is more stable and therefor allows for higher loads to be carried
  • Available in sizes 10-16.5/31×10-20 NS 12-16.5/33X12-20 and with apertures.

Traditional air filled or pneumatic skid steer tires that operate in hazardous terrain such as scrap yards or rocky terrains tend to fail quickly due to the harsh environment of the terrain. Tire failure leads to VERY COSTLY DOWNTIME!

Galaxy, a brand of the Alliance Tire Group (or ATG) has introduced the Beefy Baby SDS- which is a solid tire and completely flat free! These tires were designed for harsh conditions and heavy loads- they can carry up to 4 times the load of a pneumatic tire! They also offer a 25% longer tire life and better driving comfort for operators.

See the table below for specs and links to order.

Part Number 594711 (left) 594712 (right) 594713 (left) 594714 (right)
Size 31×10-20(10×16.6) 31×10-20 (10×16.5) 33×12-20 (10×16.5) 33×12-20 (10×16.5)
Tread Depth 43/32″ 43/32″ 50/32″ 50/32″

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