Dunlop Loader Tires 365/70R18- Are you having Trouble Finding them?


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Dunlop Loader Tires

Some loaders are manufactured with Dunlop OTR Tires as original equipment (OEM).Often times this equipment is made outside US. When the time comes to replace the tires for these hard working machines, U.S. owners find they can not find Dunlop tires anywhere in the United States.

Loader Tires Replacement Options for Dunlop

Loader Tires

Replacement Options for Dunlop OTR Tires 365/70R18

The good news is there are other options available! There are other import brands for these tires that match the tread and application needs. As loader tire experts, we have access to up to three important brands that are a great replacement option.

Dunlop Replacement Tire Options for Sizes 365/70R18 405/70R20, 405/70R18, and 365/80R20

We have excellent replacement options for the following loader tire sizes: 365/70R18 405/70R20, 405/70R18, and 365/80R20. As the “go-to” source for hard to find tires, we have made a commitment to carry many hard to find sizes, in stock, that other tire dealers just don’t carry. Our vast network of specialty tire sources across the US helps us find if the tire is available to buy, on factory back order, or just simply obsolete and no longer manufactured. If a good replacement is NOT available it is usually either obsolete or on factory back order. We like to consider ourselves your One Stop Shop for all OTR and specialty tires.

Expert Advice for Dunlop Loader Tire Replacement

The OTR Tire Experts here at Ken Jones Tires are here to help! Just give us a call at 1-800-225-9513 or take advantage of live chat with a tire expert on our main website.

More Tips on How to Choose the Right Loader Tires


Specialty Tire Experts

Video: Choosing the Right Loader Tire choosing the right loader tire: what you need to know before you buy what you need to know before you buy tire size tread design tread depth weight requirements tire size tire size can be located on the sidewall of the tire and are usually two sets of numbers, the tire width (sidewall to sidewall) and the rim diameter. For example 20.5X25 20.5 inches wide and the rim diameter is 25 inches. If the tire is bias, then there will ne an "x" before the 25 If the tire is radial, there will be an "R" before the 25 Most OLDER loaders are bias and he newer loaders come with radial tires as original equipment. tread design Other than what comes Original Equipment on the loader from the factory, surface usage is the main factor in choosing a tread design. An aggressive tread design, called an L-2,is designed for soft surfaces, such as garden nurseries and mulch yards, while the hard surface or rock tread, called an L-3, is for quarry and road use. Load Capacity The size of the loader and the work load determines the weight requirements of the tires or tire ply rating. Many loader tires come in 12 ply and up to 20 ply ratings.the higher the ply rating, the more weight carrying capacity of the tire. A tire's ply rating can be found on the sidewall of the tire. Ken jones tires carries many different brands of loader tires including: armour titan bkt deestone and many more! There are many factors to consider when choosing the best loader tire for your machine. Its best to consult an expert. Call us today at 1-877-844-2010 73 Chandler Street Worcester, MA 01609 Ken Jones Tires

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