Custom-Made Tire Chains…Sometimes The Only Solution


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Winters can be crazy when your in the tire chain business. Chains may be the last thing on your mind until the day your machine is stuck. Now, that experience one day a year seems to be the most important reason to have a set of tire chains in your arsenal…time is money, right? And that’s the reason for the stampede of calls during snow and ice storms.

But tire chains can be a tough find. The short selling season, the unpredictable winter weather and the “last minute purchase” type of product such as tire chains, make for a limited supply and few suppliers. If you’re going to be in the game, as they say, you really have step up year after year to gain the reputation as the tire chain experts as well as the “go to” place to call for chains.

True tire chain experts can offer you a variety of options, not just one or two. Machine type, work conditions, location and weather all contribute to decision process of which chain best fits the need of the customer. And in some cases, the solution is custom-made chains.

Custom-made chains open the field of options dramatically. Different styles of cross chains, thicknesses of cross chains and side chains, types of metals in the chain and cross chain design patterns are some the things to take into consideration.

When chains are not an option, for machines with zero clearance for example, a chain expert should still be able to make recommendations. Screw-in Ice Studs may be the perfect solution.

So if you have that odd piece of equipment or a unique request for a certain style of tire chain, custom-made chain may be the answer.

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5 Responses to “Custom-Made Tire Chains…Sometimes The Only Solution”
  1. Karl bauer says:

    Hi Chain Experts!

    I’m looking for two chains for my Jeep. Tires are Super Swamper TSL 35 /12.5/15. Do you have something in stock for these?
    I would need them for deep mud and snow.


    Best Regards,


  2. admin says:

    Hi Karl,

    First, I’m sorry but we do not export tire chains.

    For other readers, we can custom make this size in Roller Grip chains (swivel hook on the side chain).

  3. Nego says:

    I have a 2003 Honda Accord and did not see my tire size listed on the wetbsie. Here are the alphanumeric characters off my tirewall.M+S P205/60R26 .91HDOT 4BXV JF1R 4809I believe the tire size is 205/60R26 which I don’t see listed. I am interested in the Easy to Go model. Please let me know if it is available. I need the chains by the 16th.Thanks,Gautam

  4. mark says:

    I’m looking for farm tractor tire chains. I want a double-ring made in a dou pattern, I need 14.9 x 28.

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