Check Those Farm Tires at Harvest Time!


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Farm Tire Checklist for Harvest

Harvesting Time is not a good time to be experiencing equipment and tire failures. It is a good idea to be sure the tires on your tractors, combines, forage harvesters grain carts and other farm implements are ready for the demands of harvesting. They need to be able to run on air pressures that minimize soil compaction but will offer maximum traction and load carrying capacity. And are they ready for on road performance as well as in field?

The Western Producer writes in their latest “Equipment Tips” post:

“Take some time to visually inspect your tires. Check every surface of the tire for punctures, foreign objects stuck in the tire such as antlers, nails, or barbed wire, or visual cords showing through the tire itself.

Check the air pressures. Air pressure is critical in guaranteeing the best performance out of the tire as well as maximizing casing durability. Weather changes or a leaking valve stem can alter air pressures past the point of being safe to operate.”

Tire pressure will need to be adjusted according to the load being carried or pulled. Maintaining the optimal tire pressure will depend on local conditions.”

Ag Tire Checklist

  • Visual inspect for cracks, punctures, stubble damage and leakage at the valve stem
  • Check air pressure. Adjust air pressures according to tire manufacturers guidelines for load capacity.
  • Check the wheels for cracks, deformities, loose bolts.

When the time comes to replace that farm tire, it is best to consult a dealer that specializes in agricultural tires. With the latest technology and tread designs there are many new options that may offer you better performance and less chance of premature tire failure. For example, Ag tires designated as (IF) or increased flexion can carry up to 55% more load. LSW technology is one of the latest improvements in the agricultural industry offering lower aspect ratio and smaller sidewall for better stability in the field and on the road. The latest lug designs are designed to deflect stubble away from the tread.

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