Carlisle Versa Trail™ ATR Side By Side & ATV Tires Now Available!


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Photo of an ATV fitted with Carlisle Versa Trail ATR ATV Tires

Carlisle Versa Trail™ Now Available from Ken Jones Tires!

The Versa Trail™ is the first Carlisle Branded all purpose utility tire for side-by-sides and utility ATV’s.

The New Carlisle Versa Trail ATR Tire

Carlisle Versa Trail™ ATR Tire

What is an ATR Tire?

ATR stands for all-terrain radial construction. This technology combines new “Tough Tread” rubber compound with a non-directional tread pattern to enhance ride comfort and handling. The new Versa Trail ATR was designed to to perform on loose terrains, in the mud and on rocky landscapes.



Photo of The New Carlisle Versa ATR Tire

Versa Trail Tread Design Close Up

Carlisle Versa Trail™ ATR Tire – Built for Work and for Play

  • “Tough Tread” Rubber Compound protects against cuts,chips and tread wear.
  • Built with a durable six ply construction with a heavy nylon fabric carcass for unequalled puncture resistance!
  • Non directional tread pattern offers a smoother ride on even the toughest terrain!


Buy Carlisle Versa Trail™ ATR Tires from Ken Jones Tires

Watch the Video Below for More Information about the Versa Trail™

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