Carlisle Ultra Guard MX Skid Steer Tires for Mixed Surface Use


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Carlisle Ultra Guard MX Skid Steer Tire
The Carlisle Ultra Guard® MX was introduced this week by the Carlstar Group, formally known as Carlisle Transportation Products. Their newest construction tire in their skid steer line up, the Carlisle® Ultra Guard® MX, like the existing Ultra Guard series, is designed for severe service applications.


Carlisle Ultra Guard® MX Skid Steer Tires for Mixed Surface Use

The Ultra Guard® MX, like most severe service skid steer tires, are built to with stand demanding and extreme job site conditions. As skid steer tires are specifically designed for surface use, the Ultra Guard ® MX was designed for mixed surface use.This allows the operator to work as efficiently on rock and gravel as they would in softer soil surface applications.

Carlsile Ultra Guard MX Features

Features and Benefits of the Ultra Guard® MX

The quality design and construction of the Ultra Guard® MX includes a premium chip/chunk-resistant compound, reinforced sidewall and rim guard technology that will protect against worksite debris. Other features include:

  • Unique shoulder grips were also designed to increase ‘bite’ in softer conditions
  • robust center lugs and large contact area of the footprint provide stability
  • deep tread depth offers extended wear and puncture resistance

Adam Brown, Product Marketing Manager for The Carlstar Group, states;

“After hundreds of hours of field testing through mud and on rock, we have received tremendous feedback regarding the tire’s durability and outstanding performance in mixed-use applications,” said Brown.


Carlisle Ultra Guard® MX Tire Sizes

The Ultra Guard® MX is available in three popular non-directional sizes, and is offered in 10 and 14 ply ratings.

Carlisle Ultra Guard MX Skid Steer Specs

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