Carlisle Point Guard Wheelbarrow Flat Proof Tires


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It’s Friday and this weekend is supposed to be in the mid 80s. Looks like no more excuses. It’s time to do some work in the yard. All the neighbors will be out doing their thing, as they keep on the look out to see Who is doing What project this spring. Who’s going to “raise the bar” in the neighborhood. I don’t think the wives understand this phenomenon, but it on every guy’s mind. It’s actually pretty funny.

I’ve got the best neighbor of them all and his name is Ronny. He’s always out in the yard tinkering and he is my go-to source for information. He also has as many tools as Home Depot, so when I’m in jam and can’t find a tool, he’s the man. We have an exchange program set up…he supplies the tool and my daughter supplies him with homemade chocolate chip cookies!


So by now you’re asking yourself “What’s this got to do with the blog post heading?” Well I’m glad you asked. See before before we had the tools for cookies program in place, it was always hard for me to ask for help when I was in over my head in a project. One day I gave Ronny a Carlisle Point Guard Flat Proof Tire for his wheelbarrow because he had helped me with something. Everybody knows wheelbarrow tires are always flat when you need them, so this seemed to be a perfect gift. And it lasts for ever, never loses air, never pops a bead….the perfect guys gift!

So whenever Ronny his pushing his wheelbarrow full of dirt around the yard and he spots me watching, he looks at me then looks at the tire then looks back at me with a big smile. One less headache in his life. It may not taste as good as a chocolate chip cookie, but it is just as satisfying!


Take a look at the flatproof tires on my website at or just click the shop online button above. Our internet price is $37.89ea and I see them as high as $50.00. It’s a great product at a great price. And like any good tool, guys love em.

Have a great weekend!



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