BKT TR 171 Tractor Tire Product Review


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BKT Tractor Tires Product Review- TR 171

Brian Jones, of Ken Jones Tires reviews BKT Tractor Tire, the TR 171. This rear tractor tire is part of BKT’s agricultural line up and is designed for us in wet soil applications. It has also become increasingly popular with swamp buggy racing.

photo of the BKT TR 171

Features and Benefits of the BKT TR 171:

  • These tires provide extra deep tread lugs that are as much as 25% deeper than conventional R-1 tires.
  • BKT TR-171 deep tread tires feature outstanding self cleaning properties and an aggressive bite that is designed for use in paddy fields and wet soil applications.
  • The tread lug configuration helps kick out mud and straw before it can clog.
  • The extra deep tread lugs provide better performance and increased tire life.
  • The BKT TR171 is manufactured with a natural rubber tread compound that helps resist cuts and tears as well as improves tire wear.

These deep tread tractor tires are becoming increasingly popular with mud bogger enthusiasts as well as the swamp buggy racing arena.

Watch some of our tires in action in the swamp buggy races!

BKT is one of the fastest growing farm tire import brands in the US. They build a quality product line and we have carried both the farm and industrial line for many years with great results…You can’t go wrong when buying BKT tires!

For more information about BKT Tires just give us a call or shop BKT Tires on our website.

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