BKT TR 135 Rear Tractor Tire Product Review


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The BKT TR 135 is one of our most popular rear tractor tires! Hear what Brian Jones of Ken Jones Tires has to say about this best seller.

  • These tires are one of the most preferred bias rear tractor tires in the United States.
  • BKT TR-135 farm tires belong to a group of bias tractor tires offered by BKT that has recently become number one, above both Goodyear and Firestone, in U.S. replacement rear farm tire market share.
  • BKT brand tires have built a reputation for excellent value combined with high quality and performance.
  • They are heavy duty drive wheel tires with dual-angled lugs, which provide high traction and long life in both field and on-road operations.
  • Most suitable for general farming applications.
  • Heavy ply ratings are standard for BKT TR 135 tractor tires and are available in a huge range of sizes.
  • BKT is one of the fastest growing farm tire import brands in the US. They build a quality product line and we have carried both the farm and industrial line for many years with no problems…You can’t go wrong when buying BKT tires!

For more information about BKT products or tractor or farm tire questions, just give us a call!
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