BKT Offers Tips/Warnings about using Mismatched Tires


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Mismatched Tires BKT

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Mismatched tire sizes

Photo Courtesy of BKT

Risks of Using Mismatched Tires

Whenever a customer calls us wanting to replace a single tire for their equipment, the first question we always ask is, “What kind of machine is this tire for?” Why do we need to ask this? Depending on the machine, whether or not it is 4WD, and also depending on the brand and size they are requesting- they may run the risk of having “Mismatched Tires” on their equipment. What exactly does this mean? Well, mixing tires with various levels of wear and tread depths can affect the performance and safety of both the tires and the equipment itself. And tire sizes themselves can vary based on production and brand- so the same size tire in one brand may be different from another brands same exact tire size product. Some tire sizes become obsolete, as with the case of some Bridgestone Tractor Tires. While there is a great replacement product available, there could be some discrepancies in the overall dimensions between products.

BKT Guide to MisMatched Tires

BKT has created a guide to the risks associated with using mismatched tires. Use of mismatched tires on heavy equipment can lead to reduced tire wear, increased fuel usage and compromised vehicle efficiency/productivity, according to BKT Tires.
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