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Backhoe Tire Buying Tips from the Experts at Ken Jones

Choosing the right Backhoe Tires can make a difference to your bottom line if you count on these machines to keep production rolling on your construction site, farm or any other work site. Not only will the right tread pattern improve safety and productivity, it can help save you money by getting the longest lasting product for your application.

2WD vs. 4WD Backhoes

Most newer machines are 4WD- They use the same types of tires(R4) on both the front and rear, just in different sizes. R4 tires generally have a directional lug pattern for traction.

Older machines are 2WD. They will usually use the same R4 for rear backhoe tires with a tread design based on traction needs. 2WD Backhoes use F3 tires on the front– a ribbed tire with steering capacity but no traction.

Surface Use

BKT TR 461 HS Backhoe Tires


Equipment that will be used on hard surfaces, such as pavement, may want to consider a tread design built specifically for those applications. A non directional block tread design, such as HS tread tires, were manufactured for road use and longer wear.

 Before you buy, make sure you know…

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  • Tire size
  • Ply rating or load capacity needed
  • Tread design need for your work environment


Tire size

Can be found on the sidewall of the tractor tire and are usually two sets of numbers, the tire width (sidewall to sidewall) and the rim diameter.
For example 16.9×24
16.9 inches wide and the rim diameter is 24 inches.
If the tire is bias, then there will ne an “x” before the 24
If the tire is radial, there will be an “R” before the 24
Most backhoe tires are bias ply.

Load Capacity

The size of the backhoe and the work load determine the weight requirements of the tires or tire ply rating. Many backhoe tires come in 6 ply and up to 12 ply ratings…the higher the ply rating, the more weight carrying capacity of the tire. A tire’s ply rating can be found on the sidewall of the tire.

Tread Design

Most backhoes tire have an R-4 tread design, which is a thick directional cleat pattern.
If you operate on hard surfaces such as asphalt, there are HS surface non directional treads that last longer, but cost more.

Ken Jones Tires carries a great selection of backhoe tire brands including; Goodyear, Titan, BKT and Galaxy.

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