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How to Check if your Equipment’s Tires are up for the Job

Each spring we try and review some good preventative tips for all the types of tires we sell. Since construction sites vary greatly with surfaces, debris/hazards, conditions and the types of equipment needed for the job, we will give a basic overview for checking the tires on your machinery to make sure they are suitable for that particular job site. This avoids costly downtime and headaches from flat tires or slowing down machine performance from using tread patterns that may not be suitable for that environment. In fact, checking the tires should be part of your daily inspection before operating any type of equipment.

Checklist for all Construction Equipment Tires

Air Pressure

Improper inflation is the most common reason for any type of tire failure. Checking air pressure should be an important part of your regular equipment maintenance. If your tires appear to be losing air, you need to further examine for punctures, cracks in the sidewall and more.

Clean your Tires for Better Visual Inspection

Hose down your tires to allow for better inspection of punctures, debris, bubbling, cracks and anything that may have become lodged in the tire.

Examine for Cracks, Punctures/Tears and Rusting Rims

Cracks in the sidewall, punctures from nails, glass, etc…are signs that you could face a flat during the job. Carefully inspect tires, and if you are not sure if they are severe enough to warrant replacement, just give us call. Rusting rims can indicate rim leaks and you could risk premature failure. Sometimes a tire tube can be used to extend the life of your tire for minor rim leaks.

Check Tread Depths and Style

This is especially important when your equipment will be operating on slopes or hilly, muddy terrain. Without proper traction, operator safety and production can be greatly limited. Depending on the job site, tread design is very important for rocky terrain or job sites with hazardous foreign objects.

Protect your Rims

Avoid objects and debris as much as possible to avoid the tire bead from popping off the rim.  Street curbs, rocks and tree stumps can damage the rim. Replacing the rims can be very expensive not including the downtime lost searching for replacement rims. Some premium tire options offer rim guard protection built into the design, but it’s always best to avoid debris when possible.  Avoid objects and debris as much as possible to avoid the tire bead from popping off the rim.

Proper Storage

Sunlight and UV exposure cause tires to expand and crack. Try to store equipment in a cool, shaded environment when possible. Tires that are not on machinery should always be stored in a cool, dry place.

Avoid Mismatched Tires

Mixing tire brands on the same piece of equipment can cause uneven wear. Each brand has it’s own design and the same size tire in different brands will vary in many different aspects. Try to stick to the same brand if you are only replacing one tire.

Good Better Best Construction Tire Options

Tire Selection Important

Most construction tires are lug tread type and were designed for traction in soil and other off road conditions. Tires will wear faster when driven on hard surfaces and especially hot asphalt. There are some block tread styles available for some types of equipment that need to travel and work more on hard surfaces. The BKT TR 461 is an R-4 Backhoe Tire that offers a block tread pattern design, better protection against cuts and bruises and a longer life on hard surfaces. For skid steer loaders the Galaxy Hulk offers exceptional wear on all hard surfaces.

Equipment that needs to travel on road more may require a higher play rating and more robust tread design. Higher ply ratings are also available for longer life and heavy duty needs. Skid steer tires are very purpose or application built, so this is one piece of equipment that you want to be sure to use the proper tread design for the surface type and application. There are some newer tread designs that are built for multi surface use.

With all the tires we sell, we try to offer good, better and best options. The more premium brands and tread designs are great when working in more demanding environments and applications, but not every machine requires a premium choice. Since 1938 we have helped our customers find the right product for their specific needs/application and more importantly, budget. Just give us a call and we help you find the right tire to help keep your equipment operating productively and safely.

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