15.5/60X18 Bridgestone Fast Grip Alternative is BKT


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There are a number of industrial tractors and construction equipment out there in the field that have Bridgestone Fast Grip industrial lug tires as original equipment.  The problem is that the supply of tires in the replacement market is sporadic at best.  And if you can find them, you will fall out of your chair when you hear the price!BKTAT621

Yesterday I got a call from one of my equipment dealers and he said the tire was $1,000. That’s right, one tire…not much bigger than a skid steer tire.  Bridgestone just isn’t bringing these tires into the US.

Well, here is an alternative… BKT brand industrial lug.  Same size, same ply rating and same tread design.  These are hard to find as well, but at least we can stock a set or two in inventory.  The price is a little more palatable as well, in the neighborhood of $370.00.

So there’s a money saving tip of the day.

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  1. Tire Pro says:

    Great tire article!

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